BREAKING: Arizona Election REVERSAL – Supreme Court Will…

The Arizona Republican Party has reversed its previous stance and has now appealed a case rejected by the Arizona Supreme Court to the US Supreme Court.

Republican Party chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward announced on Friday that, “Our case is going to the Supreme Court of the United States.” The decision was made as the Arizona Supreme Court reportedly didn’t give the case “due process.”

Charwoman Ward said, “It is unconstitutional for us not to have due process, which is time to be able to make a case, do discovery, and hold an entire hearing. The judge set unrealistic deadlines. He believed he had to have his case out of his hands by December 8. Well, that only gave us three days to examine up to three million ballots, which we all know is impossible.”

Ward feels as if her case isn’t getting a fair hearing in Arizona and is more comfortable taking this to the US Supreme Court to finally hash the issue out.

Ward called out both the media and the courts that have downplayed the concerns of Republicans, saying, “It’s smoke and mirrors, and the people of Arizona see right through it. So do the people of America as a whole.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed victory, but they will have a better chance in a court willing to hear the case out. The Arizona Republican Party will have a hard fight ahead to win their case with time running out.

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