BREAKING: Arizona Ballot REVERSAL – It’s Finally Happened

The news just dropped about a ballot ‘reversal’ in Arizona and millions of people are stunned. It has finally happened — Democrats are terrified.

“A judge ruled Friday that the Arizona Senate may access 2.1 million ballots and election equipment from the state’s most populous county to audit results from the 2020 election,” reported Breitbart News.

The Maricopa County election board held that the Arizona Senate “had no right” to access the ballots, even with a legislative subpoena, but Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason disagreed.

“The Subpoenas comply with the statutory requirements for legislative subpoenas,” wrote Thomason in his ruling. “The Senate also has broad constitutional power to oversee elections.” There you have it, folks.

Members of the state senate will soon be able to review over two million ballots — while keeping them safe and secure — to ensure that the proper process was followed during the election. Democrats do not want this to happen.

Everyone knows that election irregularities occurred during the presidential election in November. Now, Republican legislators in Arizona, serving on behalf of the people, can finally investigate themselves.

Read the full story here.

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17 Responses

    1. how could there possibly be election irregularities. 130% of democrats voters for biden in Arizona. they can not possibly for deny their right to vote! After all that extra 30% is just a counting error right?

      In the past 66% of democrats voted and 58% voted democrat. your just a conspiracy nut to think 130% is abnormal.

      Anyone not get the math here?

      yeah, the mariposa election folks actually tried to argue there was no election fraud. the news media agreed with them and still does. I bet those journalism school are sooooo proud of the brilliant job of education they have done.

      Can you imagine coming out of college not understanding that you can not have 130% of a static population!

      1. Dunno who you are, wish I did, – – – – cuz I’m gonna plagiarize ‘Briben biden; and I would like to give you credit for it. Been using ‘sleepy – creepy – feely’ biden, but likeBriben biben much better… So, who ever you are, – – – Well Played, and Thank You…

  1. Now we will see if the Arizona Senate has the backbone to follow the evidence and act accordingly, regardless of the consequences.

  2. One state down several more to go 80 million really what a joke China Joe never got that vote Americans know that secure our elections now we can’t have this 2022 Take back the house and senate get our president back 2024

  3. Give back the power to the people and prosecute the guilty persons wantonly doing as ones please. ( wonder who’s side are they trying to please? are the workers trained for
    proper responsibility and procedures.? what party do they affiliate with? Sound fishy doesn’t it?..Too many hands stirring the pot and everyone pointing the fingers except to themselve when something goes wrong.

  4. Thanks to Dr. Kelli Ward and her persistance to get the truth to be known.
    Elections must be honest! That is the American way of life. If you don’t like it move to a counrty like Venezuela, Cuba, etc. where you have no voice and are starving.

  5. A fair judge who fulfills his role and is willing to investigate and listening to both parties?😲I can’t believe it! My respect Marycopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason. Thank you.🇺🇸

  6. Now, if all members of the Maricopa County Election Board will be jailed where they belong, some justice will be done.

  7. The way the election went down, I don’t know at this point if I will ever vote again.
    I know their was a lot of under handed things the Dems did ! Legally it should have never went this far, without something being done. This is not the USA I live in anymore.My God help us please.

    1. I agree with you Paul. The evidence in many states was shown and totally ignored by the democrats running the voting booths.

    2. Hi, well, in 4 years, I don’t think we will ever see another election. Dictators are appointed and people won’t have a choice. The Democratic party cheated with the help of China. Trump tried to stop mail in ballots. It was all a scam. I will never believe otherwise.

  8. I was able to find out my Vote was counted, But I have NO Idea who THEY used My VOTE for? Perhaps 66 percent of my VOTE went for one candidate and 33 plus percentage went to the other candidate? In which case I VOTED for BOTH Candidates? Does anyone really know? DOMINION, SMARTMATIC, Well ?????????
    Why hasn’t DOMINION followed through with there accusation to sue Mike Lindell???

  9. I recently voted in Wisconsin for our state senator election. I live in waukesha county, which happens to favor Trumpism, America first agenda. I was wearing a mask and hat. I gave the person my picture ID. She asked me to take my hat off so she could verify my ID picture to my face. Now that’s how the voting process should work.

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