BREAKING: Anthem REVERSAL – White House Didn’t…

Ex-NFL football player Burgess Owens, who is now running for Congress in Utah, denounced his old league for saying it would play the “black national anthem” before the Star Spangled Banner for all week 1 games.

“There is no ‘black national anthem.’ Why does it feel like the country is trying to segregate again sometimes?” Owens tweeted on Thursday.

Owen also denounced Colin Kaepernick, calling him a “Marxist” who doesn’t want to work hard.

“If Goodell allows Kaepernick to come back, if they allow players to kneel during the national anthem, I’m willing to not watch the game,” Owens told Sports Illustrated last month.

It’s good to see that not everyone is jumping on the woke protest bandwagon.

Read the full story here.


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