BREAKING: Andrew McCabe ARREST Notice… [Developing]

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe just received an arrest notice. He could be indicted and have to serve time in jail for his subversive, anti-Trump activities.

McCabe was fired from the FBI last year and he has been a public critic of President Trump ever since; he even recently took a job with CNN as a commentator. But he likely won’t get any political cover for his potentially illegal actions.

To recap, McCabe was fired in January of 2018 after two bombshells were discovered: His connection to the Hillary Clinton email scandal and allegedly being a key player in the surveillance conducted on the Trump campaign.

As Americans now know, the warrants obtained to spy on the Trump campaign were likely falsified — with specific information left out of the warrant requests to the FISA court that would’ve made the warrants more difficult to obtain.

Now, the ball is in another court — that of Attorney General William Barr and federal prosecutors. If enough evidence exists to prove that McCabe lied in any way, the likelihood of an indictment is very high.

This would represent a stunning drop in fortunes for someone who once thought he was untouchable. However, it seems the tables have turned and justice could soon be served. Who’s next?

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