BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Surrenders – It’s Over

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) just surrendered. It is completely over and there is nothing he can do about it. He must be so embarrassed.

According to Breitbart News, Cuomo, “amid pressure from several officials in the state” announced that he would adopt the new CDC guidelines on masks and also lift other restrictions.

Ultimately, he ended the statewide mask mandate and several indoor capacity restrictions — including on “restaurants, museums, retail, offices,” noted Breitbart.  Outdoor restrictions were changed as well.

Cuomo, however, also said that “unvaccinated people should continue to wear a mask and social distance, but if you are vaccinated, you are safe — no masks, no social distancing.”

The embattled governor may have been making the announcement to distract from calls for his resignations, but there’s at least one net positive: New Yorkers will have more freedom now.

Still, the CDC’s updated guidance — which every Democrat governor now seems keen to follow — was politically motivated. People knew that it made no sense for vaccinated individuals to wear masks.

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

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  2. “Face diapers” have been proven NOT to work, cause you to re breathe the CO-2 you should be EXHALING, makes you suffer from oxygen depletion, and will eventually cause irreparable brain damage with extensive use.. I have friends that have received the “JAB”, and STILL ended up sick. (so what the HELL good are these “JABS”? (PEOPLE CONTROL)
    This so-called “vaccine” is NOT a “vaccine”, and according to many doctors all over the world, it is highly DANGEROUS, and no one knows what this “spike protein” immune stem, gene altering witches brew’s “side effects” will be down the road. BTW many have DIED already after receiving this “JAB”, and the “media” has been covering it up.

    1. Cliff, give specifics. How many people have died receiving the vaccine compared to the number who have died from COVID 19? It’s easy to throw words around. Back them up for credibility.

      1. Chuck, if you are wanting facts…you can do a quick search and get the information !!! I believe the last # of US deaths post vaccination was aprox 8200 !!! And a study found that 81.7% of severe reactions from the vaccine are in the one’s who have already had COVID !!!!
        But, I figure you where most likely just trying to make yourself feel superior to Cliff, because your tone was condescending !!!!!!! Apparently you sir are a DEMONRAT and can’t handle those who don’t agree with your philosophy !!!!!! I myself still believe that you and I both have the right to think for ourselves, and to have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and the same for Cliff !!!!!! Have a GLORIOUS day, sir !!!!!!!!!

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