BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Is OUT – New York Makes Stunning Move

A shocking report from New York is a bad omen for Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“I think that much of New York State is done with Andrew Cuomo,” said New York Representative Lee Zeldin. “And he’s up for reelection again in 2022.”

Gov. Cuomo is under incredible criticism after reports of higher than necessary nursing home deaths in his state due to alleged mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic. And now reports are arising that Cuomo’s administration covered up or misreported the number deaths to avoid further scrutiny.

“We don’t have term limits in New York statutorily,” said Zeldin. “However, we do have term limits when New Yorkers go to the ballot box. They don’t have to keep reelecting him. This is someone who he’d be going for his fourth term. And there’s a certain amount of arrogance as if his tough work is done.”

New Yorkers will have to make a choice next year whether they approve Cuomo’s leadership or whether they are ready for a new chapter.

Zeldin made his opinion very clear. “Hopefully, New Yorkers take action and save our state next November 2022.”

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