BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Gets NAILED – Trump Was Right

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has found himself in the hot seat after a report from the State Attorney General found that Cuomo had covered up the real number of deaths in New York nursing homes from coronavirus.

Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients exposing the most vulnerable citizens and leading to thousands of deaths.

In response to the developing scandal, Cuomo argued that he had followed federal guidelines on the coronavirus. Cuomo essentially tried to deflect responsibility for the nursing home scandal onto President Trump.

Former HHS Assistant Secretary Brett Giroir said during an interview on Fox News that, “In no way was this federal government guidance. That is just absolutely wrong, and he can’t shift the blame. He has to own this one.”

The blame is squarely on Cuomo, and it could cost him his career if he doesn’t make the right moves. The mainstream media is already doing its best to cover for Cuomo even after spending the last year blaming Trump for every coronavirus death.

Republicans are doing their best to hold Cuomo accountable, and by all means, Cuomo should be removed from power. However, it is more likely that Cuomo will get away with little to no consequences for his terrible decision making that left thousands dead.

Read the full story here.

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