BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Gets NAILED – Totally Busted

Andrew Cuomo reportedly didn’t include the number of New York nursing home patients who died from the coronavirus in a new memoir he wrote to tout his coronavirus leadership.

Cuomo has gotten somewhat of a backlash for his book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic, including grieving families who held a mock funeral for 6,500 book covers of the book.

Critics say Cuomo’s coronavirus policy to put patients who still had the virus back into nursing homes caused more patients to get infected.

“The governor has time, in the middle of a pandemic, to write a book on the COVID-19 crisis, but after months of delay he has not delivered on his word to provide the legislature with the accurate numbers of nursing home deaths,” Democratic state legislator from Queens Ron Kim said. “As a result, we are squandering away an opportunity to demonstrate how his government can be there to respond to this crisis.”

Cuomo has blamed the nursing homes themselves for the policy, saying that they didn’t want to lose the money they would get for housing the patients.

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