BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Can’t Do It – He’s Finished

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) said Sunday night that he was “sorry” if his words were misinterpreted as a flirtation when he was just trying to joke around.

Cuomo claimed that he did not proposition or inappropriately touch any of the women who accused him of harassment, although his claim goes against that of Lindsey Boylan, who said in a Medium article that he touched her back, arms and legs repeatedly and kissed her without her consent.

Cuomo had tried at first to appoint his own independent investigator to look into the allegations, but by Sunday night he had agreed to let Attorney General Letitia James make the appointment and run the investigation.

Did he really think he could control his own investigation? Maybe he really is that arrogant.

After all, if he did harass at least three women, that takes a level of arrogance that few of us can fathom.

Read the full story here.

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  1. You lying no good sack of 💩 Cuomo! You are guilty on all sides. Quit playing the apology card and own up to your disgusting behavior and the biggest issue with you is that you are a murderer! You should go to prison now! You self indulgent hot air bag wop! Get out of our country you sorry excuse for a human.

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