BREAKING: America’s Top Preacher Just Exposed Truth About Supreme Court – WOW

Reverend Franklin Graham called on Christians around the nation to get out and pack churches to counter the planned protests by radical leftists in response to the leaked Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

As soon as the draft to overturn the landmark abortion rights law was leaked, the left went berserk, and protests rocked the nation.

Reverend Graham responded to the chaos in a Facebook post where he wrote that “The Left is calling for protestors to show up at churches this Sunday—Mother’s Day—to protest the Supreme Court’s vote on Roe v. Wade. My response was, GREAT—BRING IT ON!”

Reverend Graham made it clear that Americans of all creeds need to stand together and fight back against the unhinged radical left.

Reverend Graham’s post continued by saying, “[These] protesters are promoting death, not life. And if protesters show up at churches, I hope they will find the churches packed out, and I hope the church will encourage them to stay and listen to the message—maybe they will hear something that will change their lives.”

The conservative Justices of the Supreme Court have a target on their back, and Americans should pray for their safety as the wrath of the left will only grow more intense in the coming months.

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