BREAKING: Americans Suddenly Turn On Biden – White House Scrambling

A new Pew Research poll showed a 20% jump in the number of Americans who felt illegal immigration is a serious problem since Joe Biden became president.

Under Donald Trump, 28% thought illegal immigration was a big problem, while recently under Biden 48% said they thought the same.

More members of both parties were very concerned about illegal immigration, though the overall number of those concerned was much higher for Republicans (72%) than Democrats (29%).

Biden has rolled back most of Trump’s border orders, which were put in place to reduce and prevent illegal immigration. The result has been an unprecedented surge at the border.

170,000 border crossers were arrested last month, which is a 450% increase over last year under Trump.

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6 Responses

  1. People of both sides should be concerned about the crisis at the border. It will affect each of us because millions of illegal immigrants can’t be let loose in our country without it affecting every community. Whether it be by having to take care of the immigrants in person or by using our monies to feed, house, cloth and take care of their health. We cannot let this go on. If we have a President that was coherent and that had our best interest at heart, he would put a stop to it, but we don’t.

  2. It took this long for the stupid people to catch on to this disaster? Damn! Americans really have gotten stupid.

    No wonder you people are still believing the democrats.

    News flash the democrats will always lie, the two parties are not the same and the democrats will tax you out of your property.

    spoiler alert: The last page of the democrat story is: you end up broke.

  3. There is no ifs , ands, or buts,about it, Biden must get serious
    and do something about this immigration problem. He caused it, President Trump had things more under control
    and Biden could not stand that because he just wants to get rid of everything Trump ever did. Quit acting like a school kid President Biden and Do what is RIGHT!

  4. Unfortunately, we have TOO MANY presidents leading our country now and none are legal! The REAL elected president, Donald Trump, was cheated out of his rightful seat in the Oval Office by fraudulent voting! Therefore, we have about 8 different people (ALL Crooks) talking into the ear of an illegal mannequin-like figure, who has no idea what he’s doing! Actually, Barrack Hussein Obama is serving his 3rd administration through Biden and has the loudest voice, while Valarie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and a few more top Democrats are telling him everything to do! The illegal Vice President, Kamala Harris, is clueless…so she just stands around laughing! In the meantime, we are standing by and watching our country be totally destroyed!! So very sad!

  5. I Agee with all who have commented about this so-called illegal President. Because he is illegal, he wants all illegal people in our country. Why don’t we send all the illegals to the White House, house and feed them there and when that is overrun send them to Biden and Kamala’s homes and let them eat, sleep and take of their health needs in their homes. Isn’t that what they want all Americans to do. Set a prescient President make an example we can follow. Oh, is that too much for you to handle, well it’s too much for Americans handle. Think about that, if you still have a brain left!

  6. We (the American people) must organize, form and demand Joe Biden leave the white house and elect to have Trump return and run the country correctly. Joe Biden is not the president and doesn’t know how to run the country and she doesn’t eighter. Our country is too important to all of us to tolerate this type of action. We must come together and take over for all our sake.

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