BREAKING: American Movie Theaters Issue Bombshell Statement – It’s Over

It may get worse before it gets better for American moviegoers who are anticipating a full return of their favorite entertainment pastime.

“That would kill us,” said Byron Berkley, owner of Foothills Entertainment, in response to a possible hike of the minimum wage to $15.00. “We couldn’t justify raising our admission prices and concession prices to compensate for that kind of increase and still expect people to patronize the business. It would be disastrous.”

Berkley wasn’t the only one speaking against it.

“I think it’s a real disservice to the young, unskilled employee when we start pricing them out of the market,” said Russell Allen. “We’ve hired 16-year-old kids that don’t know what a broom is, much less how to use it.”

“Mark O’Meara, owner of the University Mall Theatre in Fairfax, Virginia, pointed out that three of his four theaters have already been permanently shuttered because of the virus,” reports Breitbart News. “And now his last theater is endangered by the wage hike.”

President Joe Biden is pushing a progressive agenda that includes a substantial markup of the minimum wage.

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