BREAKING: American Flag REVERSAL – Officially Removed From…

Millions of people are completely stunned. The news just dropped about an American flag ‘reversal,’ and it was officially removed from an unlikely place. It is a sad day for our nation.

In a stunning move, the Virginia Department of General Services ordered the removal of an American flag at a construction site because “it could become a target” for protesters, but one person wasn’t buying the argument.

Eric Winston of American Coatings Corporation — the fireproofing company that “made the approximately one-story tall flag out of tarps” — took to Facebook to criticize this unpatriotic reversal.

Winston said that “the straw just broke the camels back” and raised a pointed question. “Since when is this flag, on this weekend, IN THIS COUNTRY, a Target!!” he asked, passionately.

According to Winston, the flag “got great reviews by all,” but the general contractor (GC) on the construction site received a call from the state telling them the flag had to be removed.

Dena Potter, a spokeswoman for the Virginia Department of General Services, defended the decision, claiming that it was because of vandalism that has occurred during the ongoing protests.

Read the full story here.

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