BREAKING: American Flag BANNED – School Stunned

In Spokane, Washington, Lewis and Clark High School banned a student’s senior picture because she had the American flag draped over her shoulders.

The school claimed in a statement that, “We respect our flag as much as any school in the area and were concerned that in the photo submitted it was being used as a prop in the photo and was not being afforded appropriate regard.”

In a Facebook post, the student wrote, “The fact that I can’t have my senior picture in the yearbook because it contains the American flag in it amazes me. Are you kidding me right now? If the American flag offends you effing leave.”

Claiming that the American flag is a prop is an absurd defense for a school that simply doesn’t approve of displaying the American flag. Few Americans would be willing to give the school the benefit of the doubt, especially at a time like this.

The flag has been the subject of vicious and vile attacks from the political left for decades, but it is unacceptable and disgraceful for a public school to ban its use.

Americans have become too complacent, allowing the left to take over our schools. No one should be surprised by the anti-flag and anti-American sentiments found in the public schools.

Read the full story here.

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