BREAKING: America Under ATTACK – Report Stuns America

Fox News host Tucker Carlson sounded the alarm and pointed out that Democrats are attacking America even after promising a return to normal. Biden’s message of unity has been exposed as fraudulent as Democrats have gone on the attack despite their huge wins.

Carlson said, “A lot going on in this country right now, but maybe the single biggest mystery when you take three steps back is why Democrats became so vicious after they won. So, Joe Biden got the White House, his party took the Congress, you’d think they’d be thrilled. That’s what they wanted. You think they’d be celebrating? But no. Instead, they started a purge.”

Not long after the election, alternative social media platform Parler was shut down by Big Tech, and censorship on conventional platforms only got worse.

Democrats didn’t just stop there; Democrats are openly engaged in a cold war with Republicans. Carlson continued saying, “Democrats then declared war on their rival political party, not by the way, a metaphorical war, but an actual one: soldiers and paramilitary law enforcement and the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies. They denounced Republicans, even the fairly moderate establishment figures who pose no conceivable threat to anyone. They denounced them as dangerous terrorists, they linked them to ISIS and al Qaeda, and anyone who complained about this or fought back in any way was threatened with expulsion from Congress.”

The rhetoric and division have only gotten worse since the election as Democrats no longer have to lie to the American people.

Democrats never cared about returning the nation to normal, nor did they care for any unity. Democrats spent the last four years blaming President Trump for the division they caused.

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