BREAKING: America STRIKES – China Devastated

America just struck hard and China is devastated. A high-ranking Republican lawmaker called out the Chinese communist government on national television — he is preparing to make a big move against them.

“I’m 100% convinced, without Chinese Communist Party deception, the virus wouldn’t be here in the United States,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Fox News. “I’m 100% convinced they will never cooperate until they’re made to do so.”

To that end, Graham wants to strike hard economically and “sanction the hell out of China” until Chinese leaders give in and actually cooperate on an investigation into the COVID-19 pandemic and its controversial origins.

According to Graham, he will be introducing a sanctions bill as early as this week. “This is a third pandemic coming from a wet market,” he pointed out. “It is now time to push back against China.”

Americans are ready for accountability, too. Something hasn’t felt right from the beginning. The World Health Organization (WHO) initially said it was nothing to worry about and has carried water for China ever since.

Then, as reports have indicated, the Chinese government was slow to tell other nations about the true nature of this virus and still claims only 83,970 cases in the country; that’s preposterous. The secrecy must end now.

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