BREAKING: America On Alert After Nuke Bombshell – Details Coming In…

During a Sunday interview with CNN’s “State of the Union,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky dropped a bombshell warning “all of the countries of the world” to prepare for the possibility of Russia using tactical nuclear weapons.

During the interview, Anchor Jake Tapper asked Zelensky, “The director of the CIA warned that he’s worried Putin might use a tactical nuclear weapon in this fight, Are you worried?”

Zelensky responded by saying, “I think all over the world, all the countries have to be worried. Because, you know that it kind of be not real information, but it can be the truth because when they began to speak about one or another battles or involves enemies, or nuclear weapon, or some chemical, you know, issues, chemical weapons, they should do.”

Zelensky believes the threat Russia poses reaches far beyond Ukraine. The use of nuclear weapons, even small tactical ones, could very well lead to a greater nuclear conflict.

Zelensky continued saying, “They could– I mean, they can. For them, life of the people is nothing,” he added. “That’s why we should think, not be afraid. I mean, that not be afraid, be ready. But that is not the question for to Ukraine, and not only for the Ukraine, for all over the world, I think so.”

President Joe Biden needs to work to get both Ukraine and Russia to the negotiating table before the situation gets out of hand. Even if it costs Ukraine territory, nuclear war must be avoided.

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