BREAKING: America Is STUNNED After UFO Report Released [Developing]

A former Navy fighter pilot is issuing warning that UFO sightings are endangering the lives of military aviators.

“Former Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves described the shape of unidentified aerial phenomena seen by members of his squadron and said the mysterious objects must be treated ‘like a foreign adversary,'” reports Fox News.

“We have nearly a magnitude more close-air collision potential from our aviators, from these objects, than were initially suspected,” Graves said.

“So from my perspective, getting energy on this is simply just going to save lives at the end of the day for our Navy operators. And at the end of the day, we have a mystery to solve.”

“The people in our squadron that did see them, they would describe them as simply a dark gray or dark black cube, inside a clear sphere about 15, maybe 20 feet in diameter,” Graves said.

“A 2021 report — a redacted classified version of which was published by The Black Vault earlier this year — said the government recorded 144 reports from 2004 to 2021, including 80 that ‘involved observation with multiple sensors.’ The report also included information on ‘common shapes’ of the UAPs, although the entire sections on the shapes are redacted,” reports Fox News.

The government has said the objects are probably “airborne clutter, like birds and balloons, natural atmospheric phenomena, like ice crystals, highly classified U.S. government programs, or foreign adversary systems from Russia, China or other countries.

“At the end of the day we have to treat it like it’s a foreign adversary… there’s no other option,” Graves said. “We’re putting a lot of stuff on our jets. As we heard today, radio frequencies are a very important consideration. Our ability to modulate and control what comes out of our aircraft is very important. And so if you’re seeing objects out there that are either not transmitting or are transmitting, there’s valuable intelligence we can gain from that.”

Sounds shady to me.

To read this full story and see photos of the objects, click here.

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