BREAKING: America In Shock – Biden’s Drop Out Is Officially…

Conservative columnist Quin Hillyer is the first pundit to officially call for Joe Biden to withdraw from the Presidential race over a growing list of concerns from his mental state to China and a sexual assault allegation that he has denied.

Even though the sexual assault allegation is far from proven, Hillyer said, Biden has shown inconsistency with telling Republicans to “believe all women” and then denying that his accuser’s story is true.

“No president should be exempt from the standards he or she applies to others,” Hillyer said. “That way lies tyranny. Period.”

Hillyer also said Biden was “demonstrably” unfit for the job because of his growing frailty and frequent verbal gaffes, and because he had been too close to China in the past to be objective about the communist nation now.

Hillyer wasn’t sure how Democrats should handle the withdrawal, but said definitively that, “for the good of his party and country, Biden must indeed get out” of the presidential race.

Read the full story here.

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