BREAKING: America Gets Revenge On China – World Stunned

House Democrats were expected to block the passage of a bill on Thursday that would sanction Chinese Communist officials for silencing whistleblowers who tried to speak about about the coronavirus outbreak in their country in late December and early January.

Several whistleblowers including Dr. Li Wenliang tried to talk to colleagues and the media about the coronavirus outbreak in China, but were detained and harassed until they retracted their stories–if they were lucky. Some just disappeared, and Wenliang later contracted the virus and died from it.

Democrat Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Adam Smith (WA) defended China’s actions in hiding the truh about the pandemic, saying, “It’s not actually their job to warn the American people.”

If Democrats block this vote, they are on record as Communist Party sympathizers who would rather side with China than the Republicans in their own country.

The sanctions would involve banning individuals from coming to the U.S. and have adverse financial impacts on some individuals.

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