BREAKING: America Fights Back On Masks – The Battle Begins…

New York Times columnist David Brooks came out against continued mask-wearing on PBS Newshour on Friday, saying he didn’t think they really prevented COVID-19 anymore.

“Masks should be an individual issue at this point. It’s just masks are no longer that effective at preventing the disease,” Brooks said, praising President Joe Biden for letting the issue drop.

Brooks also agreed with Biden’s tough stance on Russia and support of Ukraine. “I give the Biden administration a lot of credit for sticking to what really matters. So, once again, a big new arms gift to Ukraine,” Brooks said. “They’re very focused on China. They’re focused on climate change. … Even on the masks issue, I think Biden’s instincts are exactly right.”

Brooks said that pushing vaccines was much more effective than masks.

He is after all a liberal, so his broken clock gets to be right twice a day.

Read the full story here.

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