BREAKING: America Fights Back Against Biden Admin – Warning Signs Are…

American voters in overwhelming majorities reject President Joe Biden, pretty much on all issues, but especially on his climate agenda.

A recent poll revealed that Americans reject Joe Biden’s energy policies designed around supposed climate change and prefer reliable and affordable domestic energy.

“Voters don’t want the federal government telling them what kinds of cars they should buy and drive,” Stephen Moore, co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Property, said. “They don’t want taxes on carbon dioxide. They don’t want the government to make energy more expensive.”

“Voters are against a carbon tax and electric vehicle mandates,” he added.

Voters don’t want the government to make energy more expensive (by a margin of 68 points). They do not want a carbon dioxide tax (rejected by 40 points).

Voters reject electric vehicle mandates (63 points). More than two-thirds (68 percent) said we don’t need government policies that force consumers to buy electric vehicles.

“Voters understand the green agenda is what is responsible for the spike in energy prices,” said Moore. “They don’t believe the solution to our problems is to switch to electric cars or any of the other pie-in-the-sky Biden schemes.”

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