BREAKING: Amazon Gets NAILED – New Evidence Stuns Nation

The Wall Street Journal gave a strong indictment of Amazon in a recent article, outlining how the giant internet company has been “steamrolling” their smaller competitors and making it hard for them to stay in business.

The article titled “How Amazon Wins: By Steamrolling Rivals and Partners” explains that Amazon looks specifically at products that are selling well and creates a similar or even identical product that it then sells for less.

The result: one small company that sold camera tripods is now only a fraction of the size it was before Amazon cloned its product and undercut it on price.

Allbirds Co-CEO Joey Zwillinger commented on Amazon’s targeting of its eco-friendly shoe with its own cheaper (and not as eco-friendly) version, stating: “You can’t help but look at a trillion-dollar company putting their muscle and their pockets and their machinations of their algorithms and reviewers and private-label machine all behind something that you’ve put your career against. You have this giant machine creating all these headwinds for us.”

The Journal hoped that the Justice Department would soon target Amazon with antitrust action for its actions to snuff out competitors.

Read the full story here.

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