BREAKING: Amazon Announces BAN – Trump FURIOUS

Amazon said Wednesday that it would be removing all Washington Redskins merchandise from the site in 48 hours and would no longer allow it to be sold there.

The football team is facing intense pressure to change its name to something less so-called racially insensitive, and team owner Dan Snyder has said he would consider a name change after resisting it until this point.

Walmart Inc, Target Corp and Nike Inc. have already banned the team’s merchandise, and several major sponsors including Pepsi and FedEx have urged the team to change its name.

Where will the cancel culture end? It’s one thing if the team ownership decides on its own to change the name for any reason they see fit, but pressuring them is not the way to effect change.

One day the culture police are going to go too far, and I hope when they do people wake up and stop trying to force everyone into a politically correct, autocratic mold.

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