BREAKING: Already Kicked Out Of Oval Office – Joe Biden Shocker

President Joe Biden didn’t waste any time getting comfortable in the Oval Office — and he kicked out several prominent items of his predecessor along the way. It was the final insult.

Following Trump’s departure from the White House, Biden promptly removed “the bust of Winston Churchill and the painting of former populist Democrat President Andrew Jackson,” reported Breitbart News. But that wasn’t all.

“Biden also removed the flags of the different branches of the United States military, choosing to only display an American flag and a flag with the presidential seal,” continued the report.

We all love the American flag, of course, but what kind of message is Biden sending to the U.S. military by removing their representation in the Oval Office? This should make anyone wonder about his intentions.

To cause even further suspicion, Biden added several busts of prominent figures himself, including one of labor activist Cesar Chavez — considered by the far-left to be a socialist hero.

But elections have consequences, sometimes tragic ones. Trump promised that as long as he was president, America would “never be a socialist nation.” Biden may be about to push us over the edge.

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