BREAKING: Alabama Says April 9th Is The END And Dems Are Fuming

Alabama just declared that April 9 is the end and Democrats are fuming. They are demanding that people listen to the elites.

“As Governor Ivey has previously stated, Alabama’s mask mandate ends April 9,” said Gina Maiola, press secretary for Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R). The mandate had been in place since last summer.

“We have made progress, and we are moving towards personal responsibility and common sense, not endless government mandates,” Maiola continued.  President Joe Biden, of course, has asked for the opposite.

Recently, he accused states that were ending their mask mandates of “neanderthal thinking,” a ridiculous claim from the man who was supposed to “unite the country.” It was always a talking point.

Biden has never been anything other than a career politician who cares about one thing: himself. The United States was significantly better off with President Donald Trump at the helm.

In the case of Alabama, the state’s Republican governor has rightly decided — in spite of Biden’s bullying — that it is time to end the mask mandate and begin transitioning back to pre-pandemic life.
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8 Responses

  1. It’s time for all the states to to put an end to masks and social distancing. Let herd amenity run its course. Let people choose if the want the “vaccine” or not. After all, like the Dems say about women who want to abort their baby…” it’s our body, we can choose what to do with it”. I know the blue states don’t have governors at the helm with enough guts to do what is right for their constituents. They are too busy trying to play “tyrant” and fill their pockets with taxpayer money. But truth be known…THERE ARE MORE RED STATES THAN BLUE STATES!

  2. Beijing Joe is doing his level best to increase the number of democrat voters by “replacing” American voters with migrants (one-party rule) and causing damage to the U.S. economy in the process.
    ****19 million remain unemployed! Inflation on the rise.

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