BREAKING: Al Sharpton SWITCHES Sides – Trump Is Smiling

Longtime civil rights activist Al Sharpton went on the record against police defunding on Tuesday during an MSNBC interview with Joe Scarborough despite some in his party’s seeming stance in favor of it.

Defunding the NYPD is “something a Latte Liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as an academic problem,” Sharpton said. “But people living on the ground need proper policing.”

Sharpton pointed to gun usage as one reason police are needed.

“Six people were shot over Labor Day weekend at a festivity in Brooklyn, so I would say statistically we’re not much higher than where we were, but on the ground it is certainly feeling more violent, feeling more unsafe in unsafe communities,” Sharpton said of the gun violence in the city.

Sharpton did say that he thought it was acceptable to “reimagine” how policing is done, as long as funding was not reduced and police could do the job they were needed to do.

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