A massive airstrike has been launched. This is breaking news and it’s spreading all over the world. People need to brace themselves for what could be happening next.

The complicated civil war in Libya continues to escalate and multiply tensions in the Middle East. Now the Libyan National Army (LNA) is being accused of killing five doctors after conducting an airstrike on a hospital.

The LNA is currently led by General Khalifa Hafta in opposition to Libya’s government, which is backed by the United Nations. The nation has been in turmoil ever since the 2011 assassination of former Prime Minister Muammar Gaddafi.

Lamine al-Hashem, the spokesman for Libya’s health ministry, called out the attack. “It was a direct hit against the field hospital which was packed with medical teams,” he said.

President Trump has been adamant about wanting the conflict to end and remains engaged in the effort to bring lasting peace to a region that has seen so much bloodshed over the years.

Americans should not forget who created this mess in the first place: Former President Barack Obama. His poorly planned intervention in Libya was an abject failure, and now the world is paying for it.

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