BREAKING: Adam Schiff’s Secret Is Out – Organized Crime Figure…

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has a big secret and it was just exposed. The phrase “organized crime figure” is now being talked about nationwide.

“Imagine what people around the world think when we have a president who’s acting like an organized crime figure,” said Schiff on CNN, referring to President Donald Trump’s pardoning of Gen. Michael Flynn.

“But this is who Donald Trump is,” continued Schiff. “It’s who he was on the way into the presidency.” Once again, Schiff is projecting — he clearly doesn’t want to bring up former President Barack Obama’s pardons.

Flynn was mercilessly prosecuted over politics and deserved to be pardoned, however, Obama pardoned individuals convicted of major crimes, such as drug trafficking, mail fraud, and embezzlement.

How does Obama get off the hook while Trump is bashed in the media for pardoning Flynn, someone who didn’t deserve to be prosecuted in the first place? Well, that is an easy answer.

Obama, Schiff, and all establishment Democrats have the liberal media’s protection. They build a narrative together and stick to it in order to deceive the American people. We will never let them sell us these lies.

Read the full story here.

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