BREAKING: Adam Schiff Pulls The Trigger – Trump Shocked

It’s beginning to look like the latest so-called “whistleblower” on President Donald Trump’s administration might have been engineered by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

The same Trump-hating lawyer is representing Brian Murphy as did the impeachment whistleblower, and Murphy’s complaint–that DHS instructed analysts including himself to downplay threats of violence among white supremacist groups and Russian election interference–was filed with Schiff’s committee rather than the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Murphy complained that he faced retaliation for conflicts within the department going back as far as 2018, and that he was “directed” to change his intelligence assessments to be more consistent with Trump’s views.

Given how well impeachment turned out for everyone involved–Trump got a 10 point approval bump as the whole thing played out–Schiff should go ahead and bring it on.

But given how much press coverage this new whistleblower is getting (not much), I’d say Schiff’s chances of turning this into impeachment, part 2 are not looking good.

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