BREAKING: Adam Schiff NAILED – Donald Trump Was Right

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Sunday on Meet the Press that he doesn’t regret pushing the Steele dossier even though it has now been proven untrue.

Schiff said repeatedly to Chuck Todd that he didn’t regret bringing the Steele dossier into the public realm because it showed that the Russians were really trying to get former President Donald Trump elected.

“The most significant thing is that Christopher Steele may have found out before our intelligence agencies that the Russians were aiming to help Donald Trump in the election,” he said.

“The summary was accurate, but the details were incorrect,”  “That does undermine the credibility, does it not?” Todd pressed him.

Schiff arrogantly replied, “Well, certainly. This Danchenko co-lied to Christopher Steele and the FBI. He should be prosecuted. I’ll tell you this if he’s convicted, he should not be pardoned the way Donald Trump pardoned people who lied to FBI agents like Roger Stone and Mike Flynn.”

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  3. No habitual liar is going to regret telling lies. Pencilneck Schiff is probably the worst habitual liar that has even been in Washington, DC. But then again, it’s not only Schiff, it’s his party as well. They condone such lies and refuse to do anything to make it right.

  4. This piece of excrement should be removed from office, and tried for all the flat out lies he told on President Trump! He knew he was lying from the start, and continues to do so today.

  5. I think his constituents voted for him only because of the false promises he made to the Armenian Community. Those Voters in his district forgot about the American people as a whole.

    1. Isn’t that the reason ALL legislators get into orifice–promises they make to each and every special interest group and contributors..????? The truth can get into the way of a good promise….

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