BREAKING: Adam Schiff Loses It – He’s Done

Adam Schiff, the voice of the impeachment 1.0 circus and chief propagandist for the Russia collusion hoax, is back to his old ways.

Rather than offer positive solutions or helpful policies, Schiff can’t help himself but to make absurd allegations and personal attacks against those who are in another political party.

His most recent attack is against House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy,

“Kevin McCarthy stands for nothing except the perpetuation of his own position,” said Schiff. “He has no values, and in my view, cares about little except for hoping to be speaker one day, God Forbid.”

McCarthy has no values? This is a strange utterance indeed coming from Schiff who spent the last two years articulating no value other than his disdain for Donald Trump.

To read more about Schiff’s comments, click here.

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