BREAKING: Adam Schiff Goes DOWN – Evidence Proves He…

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) has known about allegations that Russia was offering bounties for U.S. troops in Afghanistan since February, and did nothing with that information.

When asked by reporters why he took no actions when he was made aware of the issue Schiff said, “I can’t comment on the specifics.”

This news broke amid Schiff’s attacks on President Trump’s lack of response to the allegations. Schiff once again is showing that the only thing he cares about is politics.

Schiff and the Democrats have known about the allegations for months yet did nothing to protect America’s troops overseas. As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff could have called for hearings and action months ago. Instead, he left American troops vulnerable and used the opportunity to attack President Trump.

This blatant weaponization of issues that affect America’s troops is unacceptable. It is more important than ever for Americans to get out in November and vote Democrats out of office.

Because the mainstream media refuses to report the truth, Schiff will likely be safe in his California district, but his dishonesty in Congress needs to be known by all. Schiff may go down as one of the most disgraceful politicians in recent history.

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