BREAKING: Adam Schiff Gives Stunning Update – He’s Going To…

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) stunned absolutely no one when he made the ridiculous claim that the Republican party is a “Trump cult.”

Schiff sat down for an interview on MSNBC’s “All In” and said, “The GOP, one of the major parties, has relinquished its constitutional duty and become a cult of the president.”

Why does Schiff say that Republicans are simply members of a cult worshiping President Trump? Because Republicans refused to impeach President Trump with no evidence of any wrongdoing, and as such, they are cult members in the eyes of Schiff.

Schiff continued saying, “Donald Trump couldn’t be doing any of this. There would be no lack of ascertainment by the GSA administrator if the Republicans weren’t allowing it. They could put an end to it tomorrow. They just don’t have the courage to do it. And it’s a colossal failing.”

The irony of this claim is palpable as Representative Schiff has suffered from late stage Trump Derangement Syndrome ever since he tried to impeach Trump for unsubstantiated accusations of crimes involving Ukraine.

Adam Schiff claims the GOP is a “Trump cult,” when the reality is that Schiff, along with every other Democrat in Washington and elsewhere,  is a member of a very real cult that is dedicated to taking President Trump down by any means necessary, constitution be d***ed.

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