Ranking Republican on the cDevin Nunes (CA) has threatened to sue chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) for obtaining his phone records and including some of them in his impeachment report.

Nunes said he is looking into legal remedies for the privacy intrusion, asserting, “I actually have some civil rights here, too.” Reports say that House Democrats also subpoenaed records for Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and conservative journalist John Solomon.

“They have now set a precedent where Adam Schiff can go get any phone number he has to AT&T and AT&T is going to comply,” Nunes said to Tucker Carlson.

A spokesman for the  House Intelligence Committee said that members “did not subpoena call records for any member of Congress or their staff…or for any journalist.”

Nunes apparently didn’t know about his records being accessed before Schiff’s report was released.

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