BREAKING: Adam Schiff Exit Announcement – GOP Stunned

Stunning news just dropped about Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA). The ‘exit announcement’ has shocked everyone, including the Republican Party. This is unbelievable.

Prematurely declaring Trump’s exist, Schiff said, “After the election, after he’s gone, then I think we have to continue to expose what he did in office because, of course, the administration has stonewalled us in every way it can.”

“There is a lot more evidence of the president’s wrongdoing that is being withheld and will be withheld as long as he is in office,” continued Schiff during the ‘Crooked Media’ show, a left-wing YouTube program hosted by Jon Lovett.

Democrats have failed in their attempts to oust Trump — their efforts have been completely exposed as partisan grandstanding — and now, months before the election, Schiff is pushing the narrative that Trump will be gone.

Then, of course, he will lead a band of anti-Trump liberals to continue investigating the Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ hoax and who knows what else. This is what these power-hungry politicians want, and voters can’t let it happen.

The economy is on the rebound and November is coming. Trump will be re-elected, thereby putting a major wrench into the Democrats’ plan to keep the witch-hunt going for another four years. It will be another upset for the establishment.

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