BREAKING: Adam Schiff Confirms Rumors – He’s Making His Move…

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) is making moves as Democrats are setting up the narrative that President Trump will not leave the White House peacefully if he loses the election.

During Friday’s Democratic weekly address, Schiff said, “[Trump] may end up doing more damage than any foreign government could by refusing to accept the results of the election or allowing a peaceful transition of power.”

A majority of Schiff’s address was spent spreading disinformation about the role Russia allegedly played in the 2016 election.

Democrats haven’t given up on the Russian collusion angle and now they have a new one. They allege that President Trump will not accept the results of the election if it is not in his favor.

This is, of course. completely unsupported and is simply a Democrat ploy, perhaps to distract from possible irregularities and possible mail-in voter fraud, which might just give Biden the win in November.

Schiff and his fellow Democrats are doing everything they can to set the tone of the election. They have demonstrated they are willing to lie and stretch the truth to damage President Trump.

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