BREAKING: 3 Confirmed Dead – It’s Happening

Three people were just confirmed dead. A radical group of jihadists has continued their rampage, and swift action must be taken. It is happening.

“A jihadist attack on a military base in Kenya killed three people Sunday, including a U.S. service member and two civilian defense contractors,” according to reports.

The attack was reportedly carried about by all-Shabab, a terrorist organization based in East Africa and allied with Al-Qaeda. Jihadists “briefly breached the walls of the Camp Simba airstrip.”

“The attack on the compound today involved indirect and small arms fire,” said a U.S. military press release. “Kenya Defense Forces and U.S. Africa Command repelled the al-Shabaab attack.”

Tragically, before the attack could be fully repelled, terrorists killed three people; their names have not been released. However, U.S. Army General Stephen Townsend released a statement.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of our teammates who lost their lives today,” said Townsend, who pledged to “pursue those responsible for this attack.”

Read the full story here.

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