Bombshell Romney Announcement – Trump Stunned

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has sponsored a bill that would make the current E-Verify system permanent so that it can continue to be used by employers to screen out illegal immigrants when hiring, Independent Journal Review reported.

E-Verify has been a temporary measure that had to be renewed every few years. If Congress decided not to renew it or didn’t have the votes to pass a renewal, the program could be discontinued at a whim.

States are not required to use E-Verify; federal employees must pass through the system. There are ways for some illegal immigrants with forged documents to make it past the system, however.

Some Republicans don’t support requiring states and individual employers to use E-Verify because it is one more burdensome regulation on businesses. Immigration has long been a point of some disagreement for Republicans.

Romney has had few if any good things to say about President Donald Trump, declining to endorse him in 2016 and saying he would probably not endorse him in 2020 either. This bill, however, seems like it would help Trump’s efforts to limit and reduce illegal immigration.

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