Bombshell Mueller Reversal – Trump Was Just…

A bombshell Mueller report just dropped, and it’s making waves in Washington, DC. President Trump has been notified about this stunning development.

Attorney General William Barr further exposed Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt by revealing that he gave Mueller and his team a chance to review his summary of the ‘collusion’ report  — and Mueller declined the offer.

This means that before Barr made his findings from Mueller’s report available to the public, Mueller said “no thanks” to reviewing it in advance. For a very involved special counsel, it’s a shocking refusal.

One has to wonder whether Mueller agrees with Barr’s position  — that no Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ was found  — and that’s why he didn’t bother reviewing Barr’s summary in the first place.

Of course, this has prevented Democrats from sounding the alarm again about Barr’s handling of the report and its release. Rep. Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, accused Barr of partiality.

Speaking to the press, the Democratic lawmaker said, “I suppose my conclusion is that he regards his job as working as an attorney for the president personally, not for the government.” Will the liberal insanity ever end?

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