Blue State FLIPPING Announcement – Dems Stunned

The 2020 re-election campaign for President Donald Trump continues to pick up steam with a recent rally in New Hampshire, a tiny state that has historically voted majority Democrat in presidential elections.

After a packed rally in New Hampshire, Trump campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany triumphantly tweeted, “THIS is the kind of reception @realDonaldTrump gets in BLUE STATES!!!! New Hampshire won’t be blue for long…”

It’s a bold claim to make that Trump will flip a blue state like New Hampshire, particularly when polls show that Trump would lose to several of the top Democrat candidates if the election were held today. But we must remember that polls can be–and ofthen are–skewed toward Democrats, even by right-leaning outlets like Fox News.

Would it really be news if Fox News said Trump was winning in their poll? Not really. But if they could claim from the right that he was losing big-time, now that would be news!

The 2020 election is still a long way away, and while Trump is being attacked on a daily basis by every left-wing media outlet under the sun, the Democrat candidates have not really been in the spotlight much at this point.

See the tweet here.

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