Bill Clinton Confesses, Comes Clean

Once again, Bill Clinton is back in the spotlight with news that could turn the political world upside-down.

According to reports, Clinton is working on a book about his pro-presidential life. It is unclear what the book will cover at this point, however, given the defeat of his wife in 2016 to Donald Trump and the allegations of personal misconduct that continue to hound him, there’s plenty to discuss.

It would do Clinton some good to put aside the smooth-talk and display some honesty about his past, especially since even many Democrats haven’t wanted him to join them on the campaign trail. This represents a cataclysmic fall from grace for Clinton, who, up until recently, was still considered a darling of the party.

But with the rise of the #MeToo movement and a focus on outing public figures for reprehensible sexual behavior, Clinton has found himself in a new world. Navigating it has been tricky, even for the political adept former president — and it’s not likely to get any easier for him.

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