Bill Clinton Caught… Epstein Bombshell [Developing]

Newly unsealed documents are shining new light on allegations that Bill Clinton isn’t being truthful as he seeks to distance himself from the late Jeffrey Epstein, who had been indicted for running a sex-trafficking ring that included minors.

We now know just how much Bill Clinton profited from his friendship with Epstein, and it went well beyond a few laid back trips.

About 2,000 pages of records have now been released, and it’s bad news for Bill Clinton. These records show that Clinton flew around on Epstein’s plane for personal profit: the former President traveled the world on Epstein’s plane for Clinton Foundation events — and for paid speeches from which Clinton himself profited.

Others have been accused in recent days as well, including former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who is accused of having sex with a young woman recruited by Epstein to provide “massages”. Other important leaders in the U.S. and other countries have been implicated as well.

It is important to note that these people have not been charged, and obviously not convicted. But no one believes that Epstein didn’t have an alarming number of victims, which also means he had to have had friends receiving these favors.

Now that Epstein is dead, it is more important than ever that Americans find out the truth about what happened to these victims — and who victimized them.

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