Bill Clinton BOMBSHELL – Caught In The Act

A massive bombshell about former President Bill Clinton just dropped — he was caught in the act. Democrats are staying silent, but everyone else is saying ‘I told you so.’

Despite rising tensions between the United States and Iran, Bill and Hillary Clinton attended an elite party hosted by billionaire Iranian Joseph Moinian. Now people are wondering if the Clintons are trying to send a message.

The timing is certainly suspect. As an outgrowth of the controversy surrounding the alleged Iranian attack on oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, a federal judge has approved a warrant to seize an Iranian oil tanker.

The tanker, set to deliver oil to Syria, is part of  “a scheme to unlawfully access the US financial system to support illicit shipments to Syria from Iran by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a designated foreign terrorist organization,” said the U.S.

The Clintons need to decide whether they stand with America during this tumultuous stand-off with Iran or with their rich friends in the Hamptons, such as longtime supporter Joseph Moinian.

But we have all seen this movie a million times. Bill and Hillary have tried desperately to promote themselves as ‘America’s couple,’ however, Americans know better. We will take President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump instead.

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