Bill Clinton Accused – She Finally Went Public…

Former President Bill Clinton stands officially accused. She finally went public with a bombshell, and it doesn’t look good for Clinton at all. A major reckoning is about to happen.

Shockingly, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortex (D-NY) said to Jonathan Karl of ABC News that it was “probably” a mistake for Democrats to let Clinton off the hook for his documented treatment of women.

“I actually don’t think this is as partisan — I wouldn’t look at this through a partisan lens,” she continued. “When it comes to President Clinton, I think it’s not just Democrats … women have historically bared a lot of adversity in the workplace.”

Despite being a radical, anti-American socialist, Ocasio-Cortez is at least useful when it comes to calling out the establishment in her own party. And you don’t get more “establishment” than Bill Clinton.

For years, Clinton has skated through his career virtually unscathed, but we all know that that had credible accusations surfaced against him today, he would’ve gone the way of former Senator Al Franken (D-MN).

It is safe to say that regardless of where Ocasio-Cortez’s career takes her — hopefully to a re-election defeat sooner than later — she won’t be getting a campaign check from the Clintons or their deep-pocketed allies.

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