Bill Barr Tragedy – Criminal Charges

Witness testimony Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee definitively stated that Attorney General William Barr would have violated the law if he had released the unredacted Mueller Report as demanded by House Democrats, according to IJR.

Yeshiva University law professor Kate Shaw, R Street Institute Senior Fellow Paul Rosenzweig, and Georgia State University law professor Neil Kinkopf all agreed that the grand jury information in the report was protected by law from release.

The Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee voted last week to hold Barr in contempt for failing to release the unredacted report.The action led some to say that a constitutional crisis was looming.

It is unclear whether members of the House Judiciary Committee knew about the grand jury information in the report or about laws protecting it from being released to the public. If so, they may have chosen to ignore these laws or been looking to entrap Barr into breaking them and giving them what they wanted at the same time.

House Democrats want to see if Barr redacted any information that would be incriminating to President Donald Trump. Some Democrats have accused Barr of being too much of a spokesman for Trump and of bending the truth to avoid revealing any incriminating information about him.

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