Bill Barr SHOCKER… He Went Undercover

Attorney General Bill Barr has been secretly amassing evidence of a deep state conspiracy, according to CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein.

Barr has been fighting the deep state ever since he was appointed Attorney General. He rocked D.C. when he said that the Trump administration had been spied on.

In a conversation about the current whistleblower story, Bernstein acknowledged that Barr is “trying to deliver evidence that this has been a deep state conspiracy all along.”

Barr may really be onto something huge. With the recent report that the rules on whistleblower protection were changed, signs point to the deep state being responsible for the whistleblower controversy.

On top of all that, the whistleblower himself was a CIA operative assigned to the White House. He had no first-hand knowledge of the conversation that took place between President Trump and the President of Ukraine.

We could see a bombshell development from Barr. This controversy could blow the lid off of everything that is happening in Washington and prove Trump right on his musings about the deep state.

Read the full story here.

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