Bill Barr Rumors Were TRUE – Nation SHOCKED

It is no secret that Democrats don’t like Attorney General Bill Barr. But to no one’s shock, Trump is ecstatic with Barr.

After Jeff Sessions’ rocky time as Attorney General, Barr was viewed as a candidate who would bring stability at the Department of Justice.

Now after three quarters of a year working at the DOJ, its clear he is doing everything he needs to.

His work has earned him the approval of his boss in a way that Sessions could never dream of. Trump has full confidence in Barr.

Now as for the Democrats, they haven’t liked Barr since he came out and said the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Barr has proven to be unstoppable, he has faced all doubters and now his investigations are turning up more and more evidence that the Trump campaign was spied on. Barr may soon shock the nation with his findings. Hopefully some real change will be the result.

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