Bill Barr REVERSAL – [Public Announcement]

Attorney General William Barr has served Americans well during his short tenure as our nation’s top law lawyer and law enforcement official. Now he’s made a public announcement about a major reversal.

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Barr called for an end to nationwide injunctions that “create an unfair, one-way system in which the democratically accountable government must fend off case after case to put its policy into effect.”

Barr is working hard to stop ‘judge shopping,’ in which opponents of President Trump’s agenda — unable to defeat him politically — find “a single sympathetic judge” to halt policies enacted by the president and Congress.

There have been about 40 national injunctions issued by judges during Trump’s first term so far. By contrast, there were only 20 injunctions over the entire course of Obama’s presidency.

But this is what Democrats do: Since they can’t win fairly, hey find a liberal judge who will rule in their favor, regardless of what the law says. Barr is convinced that this must end in order to protect our Constitution.

“These days, virtually every significant congressional or presidential initiative is enjoined — often within hours — threatening our democratic system and undermining the rule of law,” he noted.

Read the full story here.

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