Bill Barr REVERSAL Decision – White House Notified

A major reversal decision concerning Attorney General William Barr just dropped. The White House has been notified — this is a stunning development.

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton signaled his willingness to order that the redacted portions of Robert Mueller’s infamous report be made public, despite Attorney General Barr’s warnings against it.

“I do have some concerns because it seems to me difficult to reconcile the contents of the Mueller report and statements made by the attorney general,” said Judge Walton in a statement.

It is obvious that the judge is calling into question Barr’s honesty and repeating the Democratic line that his summary of Mueller’s report is different than the document’s actual content.

Liberal media outlet BuzzFeed News has bee trying to obtain an unredacted copy of Mueller’s report since filing a lawsuit over it earlier this year, and this case includes the BuzzFeed suit.

We will see what happens, but Trump and Barr may have to brace themselves for a battle over aspects of the report that should remain protected due to national security concerns.

Read the full story here.

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